Austin's slop-punk mavens

The Midgetmen, Austin's Slop Punk, Fun Rock, Mavens. 

Show History

Past shows:
Date Venue City/State Bands Other Than Us
08-08-2019Hole in the WallArchipelago, The Gary, Rad Gnar
07-17-2019Cheer Up Charlie'sHalf Dream, Gold Leather, Memory Keepers
04-10-2019BeerlandFossil Arm, Space Heat, Genuine Leather
03-15-2019Side BarJumpstart Texas XII: Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Herzog, Spiral Stairs, Frontier Folk Nebraska, Bad Moves, Spider Bags, John Vanderslice, GYMSHORTS, Meernaa, Dentist, Big Joanie, PAWS, Death By Unga Bunga
02-06-2019Cheer Up Charlie'sRam Vela & The Easy-Targets, Happy Hollow
12-11-2018Cheer Up Charlie'sMy Golden Calf, The Sour Notes, Lunar Gold, Search Party
09-23-20187th & Red RiverPecan Street Festival: Ram Vela & The Easy Targets, Poly-Action, Built By Snow, and more.
08-11-2018The TownsendThe Blistering Speeds
06-19-2018Hotel VegasSun Valley Gun Club, Trace Of Lime, Tom From Ohio
05-18-2019Barrel O' FunKay Odyssey, TEEVEE
03-16-2018Side BarJumpstart Texas XI: Bethlehem Steel, Strange Ranger, SAVAK, Partner, Spirit Of The Beehive, Cold Fronts, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Frontier Folk Nebraska, THICK, Mark Perro (The Men), Mozes & The Firstborn, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
12-22-2017Barrel O' FunThe Gary, Poly-Action
09-20-2017Cheer Up Charlie'sLee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Xetas, The Sour Notes
08-26-2017Barrel O' FunBlistering Speeds
05-27-2017BarracudaBash & Pop, The Flesh Lights
03-25-2017BeerlandHondo, Mon Freres Amigos, John Wesley Coleman III
03-17-2017Side BarJumpstart Texas X: WOMPS, Thigh Master, Amy Klein, Never Young, Daddy Issues, GYMSHORTS, Hockey Dad, Summer Cannibals, Strange Ranger, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Meat Wave, Colleen Green, Baked
02-05-2017KVRX 91.7Local Live
02-02-2017SidewinderVirgin Shores, Hardcore Sex, FOOLS
01-11-2017BarracudaChancellor, Dream Home, Growl, Plastique
01-07-2017Cheer Up CharliesRonnie Heart, Darkbird, Rareluth, Sealion, Femina-X, Royal Forest, Poly Action
11-04-2016Sherwood ForestMcDade, TXSound On Sound Fest
09-24-2016BarracudaBull Duhram, The Bolos, Nervous Curtains, True Empty
06-25-2016BarracudaThe Gary, ¿Qué Pasa?
06-08-2016SidewinderThe So So Glos, Honduras
03-18-2016Side BarJumpstart Texas IX: Slothrust, Sioux Falls, Tamar Aphek, Pinact, Big Ups, Savak, Yung, Yonatan Gat, GYMSHORTS, Left & Right, Ezra Furman & The Boy-Friends
02-11-2016Indian RollerThe Blistering Speeds
01-10-2016SidewinderRiverboat Gamblers, Sweet Talk
12-05-2015BarracudaDiarrhea Planet, Lochness Mobsters
10-24-2015The MohawkLee Bains III & The Glory Fires
10-09-2015Hole in the WallWe'll Go Machete, Holder, Economy Island
08-31-2015The EchoLos Angeles, CAFAKERS, Pretty Little Flowers, Western Lows, Happy Hollows
08-29-2015Bender'sSan Francisco, CAEzra Furman, Buzzmutt
08-28-2015Stork ClubOakland, CAMeat Market, Cartographer, Pale Ape
08-27-2015Ham & Eggs TavernLos Angeles, CACinder Cone, Abraham Lincoln
07-12-2015The MohawkThe Grundles, The Gary
06-27-2015BlackheartLöwin, The Sour Notes, Suburban Slang, ¿Que Pasa?, Super Thief, Les Zombies
06-05-2015Red 7Diarrhea Planet, Left & Right
05-03-2015BlackheartNot In The Face, Carl Sagan Skate Shoes, John Wesley Coleman, The Clay Pigeons, The Columnist, The Wasted Hearts, Bretin Engel, Grace London, The Shame and The Waste, Caskets, Blue Bear, New Age Love, Aaron McDonnell, The Fledglings, Robert Banta and the Fantastic Four, Shotgun Civics, Brandon Luedke, Tenneesee Stiffs
04-03-2015BlackheartJonly Bonly, The Rotten Mangos, John Wesley Coleman, Native Lights, Ram Vela
03-20-2015Side BarJumpstart Texas VIII: Diarrhea Planet, Swearing At Motorists, PS I Love You, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, PUJOL, Slothrust, Left & Right, Krill, Pile, Rozwell Kid, Rat Fist, The Blind Shake, Terry Malts, Heat
03-18-2015The Lost WellAll Tomorrow's Tacos 2: Swearing At Motorists, Wil Cope, DTCV, Moonlight Towers, Josh Berwanger Band, Grand Champeen
01-02-2015Red 7Gentlemen Rogues, Broken Gold, Population Unknown
11-06-2014Hotel VegasFun Fun Fun Fest Nites: Spider Bags, Golden Boys
10-23-2014Red 7Screaming Females, PUJOL, Crooked Bangs
08-10-2014BeerlandJerkagram, Borzoi, New China
06-27-2014Red 7Diarrhea Planet, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
05-23-2014Lambert'sCURTIN, Ram Vela
04-26-2014The MohawkThe Men, Cloud Nothings, Nude Beach, Ryley Walker
03-13-2014Side BarJumpstart Texas VII: Diarrhea Planet, Upset, Connections, Potty Mouth, Swearing At Motorists, Big Ups, Solids, Ezra Furman, Baby In Vain, Casual Sex, Meat Market, Liquor Store, No Regrets Coyote, Herzog, Melissa Etheridge
01-10-2014Red 7Riverboat Gamblers, Hundred Visions, Gentlemen Rogues
12-27-2013The MohawkScan Hopper, Ian Brent MacDougall, New China
12-10-2013The MohawkSwearin', Super Thief
10-20-2013Red 7Titus Andronicus, Low Times
08-26-2013Empire Control RoomEasy, Tiger, La Snacks, Halaska, Starlings TN, Big Bill, Through The Trees, Mom Jean
08-01-2013ParishDiarrhea Planet, Futurebirds
06-08-2013The MohawkThermals, Gentlemen Rogues
05-10-2013Red 7Cunto!, Shivery Shakes, Mole People, Sour Notes, Big Bill, Easy Tiger, Chancellor, The Slakes, Blistering Speeds
04-11-2013Call The OfficeLondon, ONHounds Below, The Affair
03-14-2013Side BarJumpstart Texas VI: PAWS, Hounds Below, 4onthefloor, BRONCHO, The Sights, The Beards, Diarrhea Planet, Spider Bags, Warm Soda, Automagik, Audacity, The Big Ups
01-26-2013Stubb's BBQThe Whigs
01-11-2013Club DeVilleThe Mole People, Honey & Salt, The Gary, Melissa Bryan, Half Mile Fox Fur, Easy Tiger
12-05-2012Frontier BarThe Blistering Speeds, Elaine Greer, Barefoot on Bumblebees
11-17-2012Cedar Street CourtyardAustin F1 Fan Fest: Quiet Company, Danny Malone, Leopald and His Fiction, Luv Handle, Bridge Farmers, Adam Ahrens, La Guerilla
11-02-2012Auditorium ShoresFun Fun Fun Fest: Run DMC, Titus Andronicus, Bob Mould, Explosions in the Sky, Cheap Girls and way more.
09-08-2012Fontana'sNew York City, NYKing Stork, Looney Ben & The Unlocksmiths
09-07-2012O'Brien'sBoston, MAThe Venetia Fair, Actor | Observer, Emma Ate The Lion
09-06-2012The FirePhiladelphia, PAMat Burke, Stephen Paul Smoker, Hidden Lights
09-05-2012Shea StadiumBrooklyn, NYHilly Eye, Black Wine, The Big Ups
07-21-2012Red 7The Cymatic, Waikiki, New York City Queens, Sour Notes, Royal Forest, Knifight, Growl, Imagineiam, Jess Williamson, Little Brave, Melissa Bryan, Mrs. Howl, Burgess Meredith
06-14-2012Stubb's BBQBoy + Kite, Calm Blue Sea
06-14-2012Austin City HallThe Midgetmen Day City Council Performance!
05-18-2012The MohawkBOY, Sour Notes, La Snacks, La Migra, The Pons, Misguided Lemming, Shivery Shakes, Mole People, The Gary, Treaty Oak
03-16-2012Hotel VegasOfficial SXSW showcase: The Rassle, Saints of Valory, The Sheepdogs, Snowden
03-16-2012Lovejoy'sJumpstart Texas V: Ezra Furman, Palomar, Country Mice, Mr. Dream, Plants & Animals, Hounds Below, Henry Clay People
03-13-2012Brush Square Park/SXSWHomeAway Party in the Park: George Devore, La Snacks, Dawn Over Zero
02-25-2012Red 7Cloud Nothings, A Classic Education
01-20-2012Beauty BarWhitman, Boy + Kite
01-03-2012Red 7Bike Problems, The Gary, Blistering Speeds, Killdeer
12-14-2011Beauty BarScan Hopper
11-11-2011Hole in the WallWe'll Go Machete, The Distant Seconds, Teen Noir
10-22-2011The MohawkAustin High Premiere Party
10-03-2011The MohawkViva Voce, Parson Red Heads
08-20-2011Skinny's BallroomThe Mole People, La Snacks, Milk Thistle
05-20-2011The MohawkLa Snacks, San Saba County, The Sour Notes, Through The Trees, Shells, The Pons, The Blistering Speeds
05-14-2011Ghost RoomSteve and Elisha's Wedding!
04-21-2011Emo'sTitus Andronicus, Cartright
03-17-2011 Hotel VegasBrooklyn BBQ: The Gay Blades, Beautiful Supermachines, Weird Owl, Country Mice, Goes Cube, Black & White Years
03-16-2011 Hole In The WallJumpstart Texas IV: Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers, Hollerado, The Gay Blades, Ezra Furman & The Harpoons, Goes Cube, The Hounds Below, Country Mice, Sleeptalkers, Ham Sandwich, Golden Dogs, The Globes
03-05-2011 Hole In The WallThe Sour Notes, Elaine Greer & Friends, Marmalakes
02-02-2011Emo'sFree Energy, The Postelles
01-05-2011Red 7The Gary, The Artificial Heart, Beautiful Supermachines, Blue Kabuki
12-14-2010Emo'sThe Gay Blades, Devil In The Drink
12-03-2010The ParishNeil Young Hoot Night: Smoke & Feathers, La Snacks, The Gary, The Sour Notes, The Pons, Whiskey Priest, When In Rome, Through The Trees, Blue Kabuki, Distant Seconds
10-08-2010The MohawkMates of State, We Are Country Mice
09-28-2010Stubb's BBQPavement, Woven Bones
08-20-2010Hole In The WallBlistering Speeds, Light Finger Brigade, StABBA
07-22-2010The MohawkStereo Is A Lie, Elevated Lines, 100 Flowers, Ross Dubois, Melogrand, Dead Black Hearts
06-18-2010Ghost RoomSan Saba County, King Fisher
05-08-2010The MohawkRingo Deathstarr, The Gary, La Snacks, Treaty Oak, The Sour Notes, The Mercers
03-17-2010Creekside LoungeJumpstart Texas III: Everybody Was In The French Resistance... Now!, Wax Fang, The Gary, Goes Cube, Ezra Furman & The Harpoons, Hounds Below, Vandaveer
02-19-2010Ghost RoomTreaty Oak, You Were Always
02-06-2010Scoot InnThe Gary, We'll Go Machete, Scan Hopper
01-06-2010Red 7La Snacks, The Gary, Frantic Clam, Opposite Day
12-06-2009Hole In The WallThe Eastern Sea, Prayer For Animals, Follow That Bird!, Jesse Moore and the East Cameron Folkcoke/Hobomouth, Bridge Farmers, The Bread, Frank Smith, Bob Showdown, The Dark Weather Market Machine
10-24-2009Stubb's BBQDinosaur Jr, Built To Spill, Lou Barlow & The Missingmen, Disco Doom
09-12-2009Le Bon Temps RouleNew Orleans, LANeckbeard
09-11-2009Scout BarBeaumont, TXConnect The Dots Festival
09-10-2009Hole In The WallThe Georgian Company, Red Crush
08-15-2009Stubb's BBQThe Gary, Bankrupt & The Borrowers
06-26-2009Creekside LoungeThe Distant Seconds, The Pons, Blase Faire
06-03-2009Emo'sShitty Carwash, White Rhino, Booher & The Turkeyz
05-01-2009The MohawkMice & Rifles, Calm Blue Sea, Bankrupt & The Borrowers, Frontier Brothers, The Pons, Deaf Ears
03-18-2009Creekside LoungeJumpstart Texas II: Franz Nicolay, Grant Hart, Gay Blades, Goes Cube, Ezra Furman & The Harpoons, The May Fire, The Georgian Company
02-20-2009Emo'sSad Accordions, Deaf Ears, The Distant Seconds
01-02-2009Club DeVilleMoTel Aviv, Blase Faire
12-12-2008The MohawkCalm Blue Sea, The Bubbles, Follow That Bird!
10-04-2008Emo'sCalm Blue Sea, The Murdocks, Hat Talk
09-06-2008NotsuohHouston, TXThe Platforms
09-05-2008Stubb's BBQThe Platforms
08-08-2008The MohawkTitus Andronicus
07-12-2008JiggersSan Antonio, TXThe Far Crys, Ex-Penguins, Downfall Funeral, 24Seven
06-28-2008Stubb's BBQYou Were Always, The Bubbles
05-17-2008123 Pleasant StreetMorgantown, WVOne Hundred Hurricanes, 85 Flood
05-16-2008Fontana'sNew York City, NYThe Bosch, Victor Bravo, Red Beard
05-14-2008Velvet LoungeWashington, DCThe Misguided Lemming, Pup Tent
05-13-2008Mill Hill SaloonTrenton, NJOnly Living Boy
05-13-2008Asbury LanesAsbury Park, NJJamNow.com Live Recording/Interview
05-12-2008The Court TavernNew Brunswick, NJThe Gay Blades, The Delfields
05-11-2008The DepotBaltimore, MDAmerican Riot, Markitect
05-10-200831st St PubPittsburgh, PAThe Seeing Eyeballs, Silver Eagle
05-03-2008Emo'sPeel, The Georgian Company, Calm Blue Sea
03-12-2008Creekside LoungeJumpstart Texas: Spinto Band, Division Day, Joseph Arthur, AA Bondy, Catfish Haven, Goes Cube, El Jesus De Magico.
02-23-2008Continental ClubAlmost There Records' Big Star/Cheap Trick/Mott The Hoople Hoot Night
02-02-2008Emo'sThe Platforms, The Yuppie Pricks
01-26-2008The BlockThe Blind Pets
01-08-2008Emo'sKissinger, Nathan Singleton and His Sideshow Tragedy, The Blind Pets
11-09-2007Emo'sTom Waits Hoot Night: Hope Irish, The Last Gasp, Mike Premeau, James Rider and the 420 Turnaround
10-26-2007Stubb's BBQThe Heirs, Sad Accordions
09-22-2007The MohawkThe Last Gasp, Mice & Rifles, Human Being Lawnmower
08-03-2007Emo'sSloppy Kisses, You Were Always, Mandible
07-20-2007Hailey'sDenton, TXWrens, Get Him Eat Him
07-07-2007Emo'sBuilt By Snow, Seneca Hawk
06-23-2007Stubb's BBQLalaland, You Were Always
06-16-2007House on the HillBryon & Vanessa's Wedding
05-11-2007Emo'sGolden Bear, Peel, Mice & Rifles
04-14-2007Star Hill RanchBee Cave, TXRoll Another Number
04-12-2007Red Eyed FlyElvis On Speed, Bloodshot Pyramid, Connie's Chung
03-17-2007Creekside LoungeThe Personals, Shand The One Man Band
03-15-2007Chain DriveRainbowByRainbowWest: Catfish Haven, Black Tie Revue, Reykjavik!, Goes Cube, Popup, The Gay Blades, Hot IQs, The Breakup Society, Rebuilding the Rights of Statues
02-17-2007Flamingo CantinaThe Mercers, The Last Gasp, The Dirty Hearts
01-08-2007Emo'sGhost of the Russian Empire, The Onlys
01-06-2007Stubb's BBQJust Guns, Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves
12-08-2006Red Eyed FlyThe Boxing Lesson, Sounds Under Radio, Label Me This
11-11-2006Double Down SaloonLas Vegas, NVJupiter Shifter, The Whys, The Pandas
10-27-2006Stubb's BBQJust Guns, Mice & Rifles
09-28-2006Red Eyed FlyDuke,Hazard of the Industry
08-30-2006The Chain Drive The Vacation Gold, The Summer Wardrobe
07-28-2006Flamingo CantinaMurdocks, The Vacation Gold, Opposite Day
06-16-2006Emo'sThe Yuppie Pricks, Rockland Eagles, Poor Dumb Bastards, Crapulence, The Applicators, Nervous Hospital, The Score
06-10-2006Trophy'sX-Rated Presents, Go Nova, Faultline
06-04-2006Freddie's101x Summer Acoustic Series: Kissinger
05-18-2006Whisky Baracoustic show
05-12-2006Stubb's BBQPunchline
04-29-2006Trophy'sGraffiti Shakes, Streets of Thieves, Box Spring Hogs
03-31-2006Flamingo CantinaJust Guns, The Lemurs, The Total Foxes
03-17-2006Trophy'sWhoopsy! Magazine Anniversary Show: 20 Eyed Dragon, Knocked Out Stiffs, Gito Gito Hustler, Spunks, Plastic Constellations, Helios Creed, Leather Uppers, Hockey Night, Awesome Cool Dudes, Baby Teeth, The Yuppie Pricks, The Shim Shams, Ancient Fault Lines, The Unbearables, Hydrenaline, Bloodsugar
03-15-2006Cream VintageHuman Being Lawnmower, Daves Not Here, The Last Gasp, E>K>U>K, The Chapters, Clap! Clap!
01-27-2006Flamingo CantinaRuins of Broadway, Limitpoint, Smile And Nod, Fly By Fire
01-09-2006Emo'sThe Chapters, AM Syndicate, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
12-01-2005Trophy'sTracy, The Murdocks, Things That Go Pop
12-01-2005KRTU 91.7San Antonio, TXLive From Studio A
11-05-2005Trophy'sBlack Novas, Rockland Eagles
10-23-2005Liquid LoungeDallas, TXThe Dropouts, Posterboy Material
10-22-2005Kirby's Beer StoreWichita, KSNorth Of Grand, Bright Young Hopefuls
10-21-2005O'LeaversOmaha, NEThe Terminals, Ideal Cleaners
10-20-2005Auntie Mae's ParlorManhattan, KSMankato
10-20-2005S.O.S. MusicManhattan, KSacoustic instore
10-19-2005The ShowroomOklahoma City, OKStreets of Thieves, Electric Shit Orchestra
09-20-2005Emo'sKatrina Benefit: Young Heart Attack, Flametrick Subs, Pink Swords, The Score, Invincible Czars, Attic Ted, Oh Beast!, Masonic, My Education, The Shells, Pompeii, The Fall Collection, Cue, Sally Crewe & the Sudden Moves, Single Frame, The Word Association, The Lemurs, Vacation Gold
09-16-2005Trophy'sNeal Kassanoff, Flawed By Design, Youngmond Grand
08-05-2005Red Eyed FlySection 8, Duke, Hazard of the Industry
07-22-2005Flamingo CantinaYuppie Pricks, Ruins of Broadway, Save Converse, Radio Failure
07-02-2005Flamingo CantinaHorseshit Gunfire, Backstage Suicide, The Happy Families, The Hat Madder
06-03-2005Red Eyed FlySkylines End, Color of May, Radio Failure
05-21-2005Room 710Corruption Is King, Opposite Day, Lalaland, The Misguided Lemming
04-19-2005Emo'sTsunami Bomb, Whole Wheat Bread
04-01-2005Flamingo CantinaThe Attention Spaniards, Aster, Lalaland, Navins Thermos
03-19-2005Treasure IslandThe Jolly Garogers, Empty, Modena Vox, Polemic, Hardis, Paradigm, Hallow
03-12-2005Trophy'sYuppie Pricks, The Action Is
02-04-2005Red Eyed FlyPeter Elliott & The Sellouts, Shinola, Elvis On Speed
01-04-2005Emo'sFire Kills, Rubberhed, Corruption Is King
12-18-2004Flamingo CantinaMuldoon, Future Ex-Boyfriends, The Van, The Pushpins
11-11-2004Red Eyed FlyThe Cravings, The Panties
10-02-2004Liquid LoungeDallas, TXA Foot Ahead, The Lord Henry, The Pawnshop Junkies, Max Cady, The Cut*Off, Darlington
09-30-2004Red Eyed FlyThings That Go Pop, Shim Shams
09-10-2004Lucy'sSan Marcos, TXThe Spoils, Johnny Gobbs
08-21-2004Flamingo CantinaDealership, Squares Are Best, Youngmond Grand, The Stags
07-23-2004Flamingo CantinaThe Pushpins, Backstage Suicide, Peter Elliot & The Sellouts
06-05-2004Flamingo CantinaPeter Nevland, Truepenny, BK and Mr E, Matson Belle
05-15-2004Bar of SoapDallas, TX4 O'Clock GMT
05-14-2004Raven's HavenAbilene, TX
05-13-2004Kirby's Beer StoreWichita, KSMankato
05-12-2004House of BricksDes Moines, IACalous, Slopsycle
05-10-2004The NoteChicago, ILMojica
05-09-2004324 LiveLa Crosse, WISpirit Plane, Dream 13
05-08-2004Terminal BarMinneapolis, MNPanel of Experts, Future Lisa
05-07-200449'r LoungeOmaha, NESon Ambulance, Coast of Nebraska
05-06-2004KnickerbockersLincoln, NEZero Hero
04-29-2004Red Eyed FlyMyna, Tilly's Everywhere, The Golden Rule
04-03-2004Flamingo CantinaYuppie Pricks, Peter Elliot & The Sellouts, Captain Ugly, The Caskets, Kubrick
03-19-2004Elks LodgeSlim Cessna's Auto Club, The Cool Jerks, Yuppie Pricks, Neal Pollack, Rockland Eagles, Tammy Faye Starlite, The Zipper
01-15-2004Red Eyed FlySlow Motion Picture, Captain Ugly,Muppletone
12-17-2003Emo'sOriginal Glitch, X-Rated Presents
12-07-2003Long Branch InnCabfare (live action film production)
12-05-2003Flamingo CantinaHallow, Haben, Fire Kills, Opposite Day
11-13-2003Texas Union, UT-AustinAdyton, Misguided Lemming, The Dred Scott Ensemble, Matt Dunnam Band
11-07-2003Flamingo CantinaSteers, Balistica, The Fragilistics, The Murdocks
10-16-2003Red Eyed FlyThe Stained Glass Perspective, X-Rated Presents, The Spoils
10-04-2003Emo'sThe Eyeliners, The Bricks
09-26-2003Flamingo CantinaJohnny Vortex, The Sweethearts, American Idles
09-25-2003Cheapo RecordsJohnny Vortex, Dum Dum & The Smarties, American Idles
09-06-2003Flamingo CantinaThe Quicks, A Still Second, Vise Versa, Everything's Gone Green, Yuppie Pricks, Hobble, Sea of Thousands
08-23-2003Lucy'sSan Marcos, TXThe Jills, The Stellas, Spaceman Spiff
07-31-2003Red Eyed FlyX-Rated Presents, American Idles
07-17-2003Flamingo CantinaThe Jills, Lost Cause, Peter Elliot & The Sellouts
06-28-2003Lucy'sSan Marcos, TXJohnny Gobbs, The Jills
05-31-2003Soulworks Art ShoppeCollege Station, TXThe Ali and Joel Noise Show, Adyton, Shoot The Kids, In The Dirty City, The Misguided Lemming
05-29-2003Flamingo CantinaPotential McKenzie, Pivital
05-13-2003Emo'sThe Misguided Lemming, The Fight, X-Rated Presents
05-01-2003Red Eyed FlyPotsie, We Are The Avenue, Huff Rally
04-03-2003Flamingo CantinaThe Lusties, Huff Rally, Peter Elliot & The Sellouts
03-15-2003Flamingo CantinaWalk Through Walls, Hobble, Dempsey, The End Until Now, Auna, Failsafe, One Point Style, Manatee, The Action Is, Mama Dynamite, Gardens in the Head, The National Pastime, Cruiserweight
03-13-2003Treasure IslandPavlov's Dogs, Isola, Wide Awake, Plow Monday, The Action
02-20-2003Flamingo CantinaPeter Elliot & The Sellouts, Slow Motion Picture, The Silent Drive
02-04-2003Room 710Werewolf Monkey Man Band, One Point Style, Foggy Mountain Cop Killin' Boys
02-01-2003Woodstravaganzahouse party
01-19-2003The BackroomNo Such Thing, Our Finest Hour, Earth Raiders
01-08-2003Red Eyed FlyC.H.O.P., Nonstop 3, Failsafe
12-06-2002Red Eyed FlyThe Alice Rose, Soviet Space, Mayor, Oliver Future
11-15-2002The VibeSigmund Fraud, Junior, Far Cry, Syntax! Facist, Friends of Lizzy
10-30-2002The VibeAll Due Respect, Red Reverse, Sycamore, Blame Eve
10-05-2002Six of ClubsChris Duarte
10-02-2002Six of ClubsUltrasonic
09-04-2002The VibeFlavor Dog, Syntax! Facist, Jackie Fly, Calling on Will, Subfonic
08-22-2002Red Eyed FlyThe Jills, Downshift
08-14-2002Room 710The Pinfields, Stoned Akota, Navin's Thermos
07-03-2002The VibeBack Stabbath, Abby Normal, Cadaques
06-26-2002BeerlandGravyboat, Navin's Thermos
06-19-2002The Vibe???
06-14-2002Red Eyed FlyGood in the Sack, Rubberhed, 50 Mission Crush
06-10-2002Room 710Hornyak, Auna
05-29-2002The VibeKato, Unity Grind, Ursala's Curse
04-03-2002BeerlandMarshall Fucker Band
12-08-20013201 Glenview Avehouse party

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